patient subject matter experts (smes)

A SME is a person with great knowledge about a topic. No one has more understanding of what it means to live with kidney disease than you! SMEs are committ­ed and informed people who are representative of the demographic characteristics of the Network’s service area (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia).

Patients and families have stories to share about how they have experienced healthcare throughout their renal disease journey. The healthcare system benefits from hearing these stories. SMEs can help facilities and healthcare systems understand what is important to patients. Having this knowledge helps to deliver care in a way that is more sensitive to the needs of patients.

SMEs partner with the Network and providers to develop a number of programs to improve the quality of care given to ESRD patients. Learn more about our ongoing quality improvement activities (QIA) and quality improvement projects (QIPs).

SME Role:

  •  Participate on project workgroup conference calls as needed
  •  Review and develop educational materials
  •  Discuss planning for educational events (webinars, meetings, conference calls)
  •  Evaluate actions taken in a project to improve quality of care
  •  Share ideas/concerns to enhance learning for all

Become a SME!

The Network welcomes new SME any time throughout the year. All SMEs are provided with an orientation and are supported by the Network and their peers. Your participation is a great way to meet other renal patients and to ensure improved care.

We welcome all renal patients and family members/caregivers to join us in this important work!
If you are interested in becoming a Patient/Family SME, please complete and return the SME Agreement Form.

You do not have to be a Patient Liaison, Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) member, or Subject Matter Expert (SME) to be involved in Network activities.  Learn more


SME Brochure