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Each dialysis facility in the Network is asked to name at least one (1) Patient Liaison for the facility. With over 440 dialysis facilities in the Network, Patient Liaisons are very helpful in sharing information with their peers. Patient Liaisons help to educate other patients in their facilities about the Network and its activities, as well as serve as mentors to new patients.

  • Each dialysis unit in the Network has one (1)
  • Purpose is to educate other patients in the dialysis unit about the Network and its activities, and serve as a mentor to new patients
  • Receive materials from the Network and distribute them to all patients
  • Can perform other activities listed in the Patient Services brochure (PDF)
If you are interested in becoming a Patient Liaison, speak with your clinic social worker or manager about your interest.  You do not have to be a Patient Liaison, Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) member, or Subject Matter Expert (SME) to be involved in Network activities.  Learn more.

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