gainful employment of esrd patients

Network Project Lead: Kelly Brooks

Gear Up Project Logo Image  Changes in employment levels are common among working-age people with ESRD. Large numbers of patients give up jobs or reduce work hours before or after initiating dialysis. Once out of the job market, many are not able to re-enter due to the physical demands placed on them by the disease and the dialysis treatment they need to survive.
GOAL:  Through positive culture change and increased access to services, we will:
  • Increase vocational rehabilitation referral rates 50% for participating facilities’ patients
  • Demonstrate at least 1% of denominator population receiving services
  • Ensure at least 95% of patients are screened for interest in vocational rehabilitation services
  • Demonstrate referral of at least 10 eligible patients age 55-64

PROJECT TIMELINE:  January – October 2020

BASELINE:  CROWNWeb data January 2019-September 2019

Project Overview

Patient Engagement

Project Launch Materials

Facility Acknowledgement Form

Project Syllabus

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Data Collection Tool

Lobby Poster (8 1/2" X 11" or 11"X17")

Rehabilitation: Getting Back to Work poster (English or Spanish)

Working While on Dialysis poster

Patient Questionnaire (available in English or Spanish)

Facility ENGAGE Pre-Assessment

Monthly Data Collection

Monthly Data Collection Tool

Webinars & Slides


There are several webinar events for 2020, including national LAN calls and Network Coaching Calls. Project participants are expected to participate in all webinar events.

Advanced registration is required in order to participate in all calls
Network Coaching Calls National LAN Calls
January 14, 2020
11:00 am -12:00 pm EST
Network 5 Kickoff Webinar
(Webinar Slides)
January 21, 2020
2:00-3:00 pm EST
Learning & Action Network (LAN) Webinar with Beth Witten
(Webinar Slides; Webinar RecordingWebinar Transcript)
March 9, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST
(Webinar Slides)
April 2, 2020
2:00-3:00 pm EST
Learning & Action Network (LAN) Webinar with Faith Saunders
(Webinar Slides; Webinar Recording)

Please note that these dates are subject to change based on speaker availability. Meeting details, including registration link and call overview, will be provided as they are received.

All project participants not present for the live webinar event are required to view the webinar recording for the event(s) which they were not present, and complete an attestation form.

Project Resources

CROWNWeb Vocational Rehabilitation Job Aide

USA Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

The ABCs of Schedule A for Applicants with Disabilities: Tips for Getting Federal Jobs provides guidance on Schedule A, which is available to federal agencies to hire and/or promote individuals with disabilities without going through the traditional competitive hiring process

Vocational Rehabilitation: A Video from The Forever is Tomorrow Foundation

Rehabilitation: Getting Back to Work fillable poster - You can type your local rehab services contact information onto this document before printing! (available in English or Spanish)

Home Dialysis Central's Working On Home Dialysis: What Dialysis Staff Should Know



Fishbone Diagram Tool

5 Diamond Patient Safety Program: Depression/Vocational Rehabilitation Module

Veterans Resources

KidneyWorks™ This patient advocacy program is designed to identify working-age people with Stage 3-5 CKD—those whose kidney function is less than 60%—and to promote job retention as a key means for these individuals to continue to pursue their life aspirations with health insurance, income and an enhanced quality of life.

Ticket to Work

Patient Experience Form and Referral Tracking Tool (both resources developed by ESRD Network 16)

Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Resources