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ongoing projects

Quality Improvement is a method of planning and implementing continuous improvements in systems or processes in order to provide quality health care reflected by improved patient outcomes.  The Network is currently focusing on the following quality improvement activities:

Behavioral Health
Increase remission of the diagnosis of depression and link patients who screen positive for depression to mental health services

Nursing Homes
Decrease incidents of long-term catheter infections and peritonitis as well as rates of blood transfusions among  ESRD patients

COVID-19 and Vaccinations
Decrease the number of ESRD patients hospitalized with COVID-19 by ensuring they receive a  COVID-19 vaccination; promote influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations in ESRD patients
Promote home dialysis therapies to all eligible ESRD patients in the Network 5 service area

Increase the number of eligible ESRD patients who are waitlisted for a kidney transplant as well as the number of eligible ESRD patients receiving a  kidney transplant

Decrease admissions, 30-day unplanned readmissions, and outpatient emergency department visits

Patient & Family Engagement at the Facility Level
Increase the number of patients/family members actively engaged in Peer Mentoring, self-directed goal-setting in Care Planning, and Quality Assessment Performance Improvement meetings

Network 5 dialysis facilities can track their individual progress towards Network goals by logging into the ESRD Facility Report found at this link Please contact the Network if you need assistance with your facility’s Username or password.

Click here to view the ESRD Facility Report User Guide

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