ongoing projects

Quality Improvement is a method of planning and implementing continuous improvements in systems or processes in order to provide quality health care reflected by improved patient outcomes.  The Network is currently focusing on the following quality improvement activities:
Bundle Logo   Bloodstream Infections (QIA)
reducing and preventing BSI rates among dialysis patients.
Reduce Long-Term Catheter Use Logo   Long-Term Catheter Reduction (QIA)

decreasing long-term catheter (LTC) use rates (catheter in use > 90 days) among prevalent dialysis patients.  in dialysis facilities that have a LTC rate >10%.  

  ENGAGE Certification Program
working to improve patient-and family-engagement at the facility level
PD-HHD Logo  
promoting home dialysis therapies to all eligible ESRD patients in the Network 5 service area.
Kidney Transplant logo    Transplant Coordination (QIA)
working to achieve a reduction in the rate of long-term catheter use among prevalent patients in dialysis facilities.
Gear Up Project Logo   Gainful Employment (QIA)
increasing vocational rehabilitation referral rates for the participating facilities’ patients and increasing the number of those receiving services.