ENGAGE Program

The respectful, welcomed, and valued involvement of the patient, including their family as requested, in every aspect of medical care, in order to achieve the highest quality and best possible health outcomes for the patient.

- QIRN5 Board of Directors, 2013

The concept of patient-centered care has gained increasing prominence in recent years as a key aim of the U.S. health care system.1 Patient and family engagement offers a promising pathway toward better quality health care, more efficient care, and improved population health.2 Family and caregiver engagement is a patient-centered culture of care, not a task to be completed. Patient-centered care is not characterized by a particular program or practice, but rather by the core values and attitudes that drive programs and practices in our centers. Engaging patients, families, and caregivers in the care of a patient means engaging the hearts and minds of the people with whom we work and the patients for whom we care. When we study the patient experience and consider their perspective in our programming, patients will be more active in their care and outcomes will improve. With this understanding, QIRN5 has developed the ENGAGE program as a means to assist providers in engaging patients through self-assessment, improved practice, and sharing of best practices.  ENGAGE is a Certification & Recognition Program for dialysis providers committed to patient engagement. Six easy steps can help facilities align with this model of care.

Required Work

Program Webinar
Attestation Form
PRE Self-Assessment 
POST Self-Assessment



Build Your Team
Patient Engagement Best Practices Poster


Patient-Level Goal Development
Life Options Tool (for care plans)
Home Dialysis Blog post
Nephrology News & Issues article: "Empowering Patients Can Improve the Renal Care Experience" 
Teach-Back resources from AHRQ 
IHI Blog post


Facility-Level Goal Development
Peer Mentor Resources
Peer Up!
UNC Advocacy Study


Governance-Level Goal Development
Patient Liaison Booklet
PAC Application
Patients in QAPI

For questions, contact RenĂ©e Bova-Collis at rbovacollis@qualityinsights.org or 804.320.0004 extension 2705.

 1 Shaller, Dale. “Patient-Centered Care: What Does It Take": The Commonwealth Fund (2007): iii-26. Document.
 2 Carman KL, Dardess P, Maurer M, et al. Patient and family engagement: A framework for understanding the elements and developing interventions and policies. Health Aff. 2013;32(2):223-231.