background & overview

In this section, you will find background materials on the Peer Up! pilot program and other information that can help you begin to think about adapting and implementing the program at your facility, including the following:
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Program Overview

Benefits of using a peer mentoring program in your facility

Highlights from an observational study of the Peer Up! pilot program

Outcomes from the pilot program were recently published in ANNA’s Nephrology Nursing Journal. ANNA members can log in to read the article.

St. Clair Russell, J., Southerland, S., Huff, E.D., Thomson, M., Meyer, K.B., & Lynch, J. (2017). A peer-to-peer mentoring program for in-center hemodialysis: A patient-centered quality improvement program. Nephrol Nurs J, 44(6), 481-489, 496.