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Medical review board

Quality Insights Renal Network 5's Medical Review Board (MRB) is charged with overseeing the Network 5 quality program. Board activities include the following:

  • Identifying Network-wide and dialysis facility-specific opportunities for improvement through routine monitoring of data profiles and pattern analysis
  • Designing and implementing activities to address areas needing improvement and/or further examination
  • Making recommendations to and assisting dialysis facilities in correcting identified problems and improving care
  • Identifying "high-performing" dialysis facilities, recognizing their success through an annual awards program, and working with them to identify benchmark practices to share with other facilities
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Medical Review Board, please contact Brandy Vinson at (804) 320-0004 ext. 2711 or



Marc Brazie, MDChair
Alexandria, Virginia

Vishy Chaudhary, MD
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV
Tushar Chopra, MD
Fishersville, Virginia

Yahya Imran Fatani, MD
VCU Health
Richmond, Virginia

Jane Forehand, MS, RD
Fresenius Medical Care
Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nieltje Gedney
Kerneysville, West Virginia

Patrick Gee
North Chesterfield, Virginia

Jackie Hires, LCSW
DaVita Good Samaritan
Baltimore, Maryland

Jessica Jenkins, RN
Charlottesville, Virginia

Sharon Kennedy, RD, LDN
Independent Dialysis Foundation
Baltimore, Maryland

Dhiren Kumar, MD
Richmond, Virginia

Cecelia Moorman, RN
Covington, Virginia

Daniel Salzberg, MD
University of Maryland Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland

Stephen Seliger, MD
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland 

Kathy Trombly, LCSW

CDC Woodbridge

Woodbridge, Virginia

Devon Ward, RD
Midlothian, Virginia