organizational structure

The activities of Quality Insights Renal Network 5 are under the direction of the Board of Directors. As the governing body of the Network, the Board assists in the development of goals, objectives, and general policies relating to all aspects of Network operations. The Medical Review Board (MRB) directs Quality Insights Renal Network 5's quality measurement, monitoring, and management initiatives. The MRB identifies Network-wide and facility-specific opportunities for improvement through routine monitoring of data profiles and pattern analysis. The Patient Advisory Committee, made up of patient representatives from all geographic areas and dialysis modalities within Network 5, serves to keep Network staff abreast of current patient issues and provide a patient perspective for Network projects and tasks. Quality Insights Renal Network 5 maintains a Network Coordinating Council that meets the statutory requirements of Section 1881(c) of the Social Security Act.  The Council consists of representatives from Medicare-certified ESRD facilities and is respon­sible for providing advice and assistance to the Board of Directors regarding the general direction of the Network organization.